Riding a skateboard

Stance (Goofy vs Regular)

First thing you want to figure out is which direction feels most natural riding a skateboard.

Goofy: Your right foot is towards the nose of the board, and your left foot on the tail fo the board.

Regular: Your left foot is towards the nose of the board, and your right foot is on the tail.

Now remember whatever foot is towards the nose of the board is your 'front foot'. 


Position your front foot with your toes on the font bolts, facing parallel to the direction of the board. Use your back foot to push, and then put it on the tail when you are just riding. Try just standing on the board, and then a push or two to get yourself rolling. Get used to the feeling of rolling along, feeling the ground through the skatebaord. Try different surfaces, and get used to the differences. This is particularly useful when you are skating across town, across many different surfaces.

With practice you will be able to balance well and keep your weight on your front foot for long periods of time, while using your back foot to do huge swings of your back leg, to push down fast and get up to faster speeds.


There are two techniques to use when steering.

The first technique, known as carving, is to simply shift your weight fowards so that the trucks angle, and the board turns. What ever way you lean, forward or backward, the board will turn that way. How tight or loose your trucks will affect how hard or easy is to turn your board respectively.

The second technique, which is a bit harder requires you to lift the nose of the board up and put it back down in the new direction you want to go. Before you lift the nose, you should begin leaning towards the new direction, which will stop you falling off the board, especially if you are going fast.

How to stop

There are a few ways you can stop, some are harder than others.

Your easiest option to stop, is to simply jump off the board. Practice pushing to get some speed up, and then jump or step off the skateboard. Just make sure you don't step on the skateboard again, as you might slip on it.

Foot breaking means using one foot to slow yourself down, while the other foot is on the board. Typically you keep your front foot on the board, and then use your back foot to either drag the sole of your shoe on the ground, or use that foot to slow down as if you were slowing down from a running sprint. The first way wears your shoes out faster than the second way, but the second way is more difficult, and can be painful if you are going fast.

Dragging the tail of your board on the ground can also slow you down. This is trickier though, because you only have two wheels to balance on, while the tail scrapes on the ground. It also wears down your skateboard faster.