This is the first trick you will want to learn, it's the foundation for most tricks. It is a simple way of getting yourself and your board off the ground using only your feet. You could think of an ollie as simply jumping into the air, but with the skateboard 'stuck' to your feet.

Put the ball of your back foot on the tail of the skateboard. Your front foot should be in about the middle of the board.

There are several things you need to do all at the same time to pull off an ollie. 

  • You need to be jumping into the air. When trying to do an ollie, try just jumping up off the ground with your legs about shoulder width apart. Notice how your legs bend, then go straight, getting you off the ground. You'll need to do a similar action to jump with your skateboard, but a bit of extra footwork to get the board to come with you.
  • The next thing you need to be doing at the same time as jumping up, is to kick down with your back foot on the tail. This is half of what it takes to ollie; jumping up and kicking down with your back foot, so that your board comes flicking up at the front. You should also hear and feel the tail hit the ground.
  • The last thing you need to do for the ollie to work, is to slide your front foot up the board, toward the nose, so that the tail gets off the ground. You want your back foot to come up to be the same height as your front foot. Your legs should be bent at the highest point of your ollie.

To land, you can just straighten out your legs, as the board and yourself natrually come back to earth. Note that the hard work is in timing your back foot to kick down, then lift up as soon as it hits the ground, because you are using your front foot to get the tail up.


This video explains it well:


Next steps:

Once you can do an ollie, practice doing them off ledges, up ledges and over obstacles.

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